Nearly every public opinion poll, declarees, most Americans, consider their politicians, and public officials, among the lowest, in terms of how they rate, in terms of integrity, and ethical behavior. While, this, in itself, should be disturbing and disturbing, in the past couple of years, it sees, many, have significantly lowered their expectations, if someone, focuses on a personal / political agenda, perceives as benefiting, some individual's self – interest! Whether one agreements with, and / or supports, President Donald Trump, nearly everyone, would agree, we have not, in recent memory, been represented, by any individual, like him. Is this a bit, of fresh air, or a warning sign? America risks, both. losing respect in the rest of the world, as the defender of human rights, etc, as well as attacking the basic principles of freedom, liberty, and justice, for all! Perceived, overlooked, in all the news coverage, and discussion, about aspects of the Mueller Investigation, and potential Russian interference, was, when the Acting Chief of Staff, in supposedly, defending the President, claimed, based on Attorney General Barr's four – page report, there was no criminal behavior, and, when asked about ethical concerns, stated, ethics are not grounds, for continuing this process. We are now, in a period, where we must face a battle for the soul of the nation, and whether, elected officials, should be held to a higher ethical standard, than, perhaps, others! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what ethical standards, these individuals, should be held to.

1. What are ethics ?: Should those, we elect, serve and represent us, and our best interests, or are they there, to advance their personal / political agenda, and / or, self-interest? How can, we be certain, of their motives, when there are so many ethical conflicts? This includes, not only the behavior, of the official, himself, but also, his family, friends, associates (personal and business), but also, those he appoints / selects, for important positions of responsibility. When the Attorney General appears to have a specific agenda, and pre-conceived notice, of what the President's behavior, may or may not be acceptable, the EPA Chief, has a record of defending Coal Mine owners, and a large number of cabinet secretaries appear, to, rather than trying to make a difference, for the better, are advancing a far more regressive approach, should not this, be a wake-up call? When he was a candidate, Trump, used a slogan, Drain the Swamp , but, as President, appears to have dredged it, only, to make space for a greater number of swamp – creatures!

2. Why it matters? Why are we surprised, so many Americans, appear to lack confidence in the government, and / or, are apathetic, when such unethical behavior, has become, the norm ? How can government, work for us, if we make little attempt, to seek a genuine, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, and accept, this lack of ethics, as acceptable, etc?

Today, we are witnessing, sometimes, the most divided, America, we have experienced, possibly, since the Civil War! Wake up, America, and demand more, by getting involved, andoting for individuals, with genuine integrity, and ethics!

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