Tarjetas de descuento para medicamentos recetados: un vehículo de recaudación de fondos para asociaciones sin fines de lucro


These cards are legitimate and they are FREE. When card holders present the discount card to their pharmacist they will receive a discount of up to 85% on their medications. Discounts average 15% on brand name drugs and 55% on generics. Over 80% of the pharmacies in the US participate in this program. The discounts are provided by the drug manufacturer and they are highly motivated to continue to do so. Until recently, the general public has only been marginally exposed to this savings vehicle. The drug manufacturers have been providing discounts on their medications through healthcare organizations for over five years and it appears that unless there is a major change thought about by healthcare reform, the discounts will be available for the foreseeable future. With the exception of the possibility of assistance from the pharmaceutical companies for those in the Medicare “donut hole”, the Health Care Reform Bill does not address any changes that would affect the value of the prescription drug cards.

Who benefits from these programs?
In addition to the uninsured and under insured, almost everyone will have occasion to save money at the pharmacy by presenting their discount card at some point in time – even the well insured. It provides discounts on every prescription medication approved by the Federal Drug Administration including many that are not covered by insurance plans. Smoking cessation medications, sexual potency and diabetes supplies are examples of treatments that are not normally covered by insurance but can be obtained at greatly reduced rates by introducing the card to a pharmacist. These cards can be a true salvation to those in the Medicare “donut hole”.

How does the fundraiser work?
Not every drug card distributor offers a fundraiser program but the ones that do make it very easy to implement. The distributor supplies the organization with plastic cards “branded” to your specifications. The only cost to the organization is the printing charge. You distribute the cards to your membership through any channels that apply. Each time your member fills a prescription; your organization receives a donation from the distributor. The donation is small but it is a game of numbers. Good news travels fast. The members can refer their family, friends and relatives to a designated web site to print a card and the association receives contributions from their use as well. There is even a discount card for their pets.

As fundraisers go, this one meets all of the criteria. It provides significant value to the membership, no substantial cost to the association, no creditability risk to the association, residual income that “multiplies” through members referring others, and once introduced to the members, the program requires zero maintenance.

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