A great and easy way to raise funds for your school activities, youth programs as well as church-related endeavors is through a cookie dough fundraiser campaign. The product can easily attract kids and families which makes it an excellent way to make useful profit. It is very easy to start and you will find that this type of fundraiser program is an easy profitable idea.

This kind of fundraising idea works like an order taker fundraising program since you need to provide your volunteers or workers with order forms, brochures as well as a good sales script. A 3 lb tub of cookie dough which costs at about $ 10 each is what what will make your cookie dough fundraiser campaign run. Your team will do a catalog sales campaign in order to effectively distribute the product. What is great about this fundraising campaign is the fact that the product offers a wide variety of flavors that your clients can choose from and will surely enjoy.

This helps in generating a lot of sales since your customers will have different preferences and tastes. Apart from the delicious varieties of flavors available, most of the dough products are sugar-free which means that people who are health-conscious as well as people who are not allowed to eat sweet treats can still indulge in these wonderful cookies. There are even available products which are pre-sliced ​​that would allow you to save a great deal of time in just preparing them to be sold. Likewise, those who are not very much experienced in preparing quality food will find it easier to prepare them personally. An alternative way to prepare them if you opt not to use dough is mixing dry mix products that no longer need to be put in a freezer. You only need to add water and mix by hand in order to finish the product.

Examining the profitability of this kind of fundraising idea, I am going to prove to you that it is an excellent idea to try out. With the type of product that this kind of fundraising program produces, you can pretty much enjoy a net profit margin of about 50 to 60 percent which is a very good percentage in the fundraising industry. Nowadays, most fundraising companies often offer discounted prices on their dough tubs at around 40 to 50 percent. There are even other suppliers that offer 4 lb tubs which can make your profit rise dramatically.

When working with the dough, you have to be aware that it needs to be refrigerated in order for it to keep its freshness so that it will not spoil. You must take into consideration the specific preparations of your product if you want to sell this to your customers. Setting up a good schedule is a must for your delivery team so that your customers will be satisfied with your services. And finally, organize your volunteer team with the challenge ahead by showing them how to properly present their sales pitch effectively.

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