Mantenga a los visitantes de su negocio relajados con una pared de agua


Waiting rooms generally are not considered a relaxing atmosphere in most industries, especially the medical field. Many people have anxieties about seeing a doctor or dentist, and in the medical field, people often find themselves in a lobby only when they are sick or in pain. The same anxieties can be felt while waiting for a job interview or a meeting with a big client. Businesses that recognize these uneasy feelings often use a water wall to ease anxiety and encourage relaxation.

Water features for your lobby take up very little space which means your patients, clients and visitors will not feel crowded while they enjoy the trickling sounds the fountain creates. Water is often used to help people relax or create a white noise to enhance a person’s focus. So when you have a waiting room of sick patients or qualified job applicants, you can ease their stress with the implementation of a water wall. Even restaurants can benefit from the tranquil sounds as diners wait to be sorted. And the sounds will carry through the restaurant, providing a pleasant atmosphere while they dine.

The Dreaded Waiting Room

Millions of businesses, hospitals, clinics and practices have a waiting room, and it’s a place we’ve all had to sit while reading outdated magazines or staring at the wall. Sometimes the wait is stressful and seems to last forever while anticipating health results of a loved one. Other times, the wait is simply boring. Even those who have no complaints of the company, doctor or professional may leave the facility with negative feelings because of the undesirable lobby. Well, that does not have to happen to you or your business as fountains are often used in feng shui to create positive energy or balance out the negative energy found in most waiting rooms.

Water features come in all shapes and sizes, so even very small lobbies can reap the benefits of adding a fountain without taking up valuable room. And because water walls can be aesthetically pleasing, it’s one less piece of artwork you’ll need to fill your walls. Metal or granite wall fountain for your waiting room can add a level of elegance and sophistication, or bring a touch of nature to your office building with a fountain made of stone or clay. And with a water wall, people can enjoy watching the water as it sees to glide down the wall in a mesmerizing continuity.

Water walls for your waiting room are low maintenance and the pumps are hidden so you do not have to worry if children frequent your establishment. You’ll need to make sure your walls are sturdy enough to support the fountain with an electrical outlet nearby. Water fountains range in price so you can add one to your waiting room without going bankrupt.

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