The land of the living is for those who pay effort for what they want genuinely, otherwise without a proper goal and effort behind your life, you really are the living dead. With that dramatic statement, indeed, I begin this article. Now, I am saying that we must want what we really want with full powered desire and understanding of what we do want or not want it at all.

When I think of the nature of a genuine desire, it must be broken down into three logical components:

  1. What we really desire.
  2. What really drives us.
  3. What really fulfills us.

Without those three main components, we may as well hang our dreams up and get a regular, average job without any fulfillment but a paycheck.

The land of the living is inhabited then, by people who have genuine desires, goals, and absolutely fulfillment. Indeed, this article is based on the above three points in a syllogistic way. Without that beginning concept of what we really desire, and without that driving concept of what really drives us, and without that ending concept of what really fulfills us, we do not have any concepts that lead us to our goal. Sure, the idea and concept here is pretty clear: To be really alive, we must have those three above things. Without them, life is, for lack of better terms, “an average mess without a point, except to be dumped in a grave”.

The end is always fulfillment when really alive though. Without understanding of what comes before the fulfillment, nothing is happening. There is not any shortcut on that point. There is not compromise unless you go for really less than what you really want in life.

So, death really happens not in the grave, not with sickness, but when you really do in your mind and soul say a real “what is the use, I will settle for average”.

The genuine frustration of life only comes then when you are not willing to pay for the excellence you really want. The genuine fulfillment comes from doing what has to be done genuinely to get what you really desire.

Pay the price, get your genuine desire, that will get you genuinely somewhere in life. So, I end with a quote from Wallace D. Wattles, and Jesus of Nazareth, “Let the dead bury their dead.” Indeed, to be a winner, you must really live.

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