How Emotions Can Help Drive Change

Some individuals are able to easily accept change, making swift decisions in order to adapt to the new circumstances that are before them. But not everyone is as welcoming of change because it often forces him / her out of his / her comfort zone.

Change is unpredictable. And people are plagued with the thoughts of “what-ifs”. What if I fail? What if we face setbacks? What if?

But it is important to recognize that change is inevitable and essential to one's growth. Yes, there may be negative “what-ifs” but without change, there is no moving forward.

As discussed in a previous post, there are different events that will make someone consider change- changes in reality, logic, intuition, or emotion.

And there is also a difference between the decision to make a change and adapting to external change. When one is forced to adapt, s / he is better at following through and committing. Whey is that?

The difference is in the use of emotion.

Humans are able to use their innate strength whenever they wish to do so; learning to properly channel one's emotions can result in more success and help them follow through with the choices that are made.

While is a stigma associated with using your emotions to make decisions, it is incorrect .

Emotions are a powerful tool and you must learn to properly use them. One particular emotion that has a large impact is pain.

Let us set up a situation: you have not yet made a change because it is not the right time, you are worried, or a similar excuse.

The first step to take it is to better understand yourself and analyze your levels of pain.

  • What is so painful in your current situation that you want to change?
  • What will be painful if you do change the situation?
  • What will be painful if you do not ?

Change is daunting, but when you compare the levels of pain and take the time to mentally run through your current position, embracing change is the clear choice.

If you need help taking the leap or committing to a decision, consider partnering with a business consulting company. Working with a coach can alleviate some of your stress and allow you to a better understand of yourself. Change, both personal and professional, is inevitable and necessary for survival so take the actions needed in order to ensure that you are ready and able to do so.

To better understand change and how to embrace it, visit our blog and the blog post, “When Is The Perfect Time For a Change?”.

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