¿Caridad apoyando a otras caridades?


We all know that charities help support certain causes. And it must be great and noble causes as well. Some programs that charities focuses on are: food and shelter, education, adoption and foster care, low income assistance program, physical diseases support, the arts and many others.

But did you know that now, there are certain charities that support other charities, schools and religious, non-profit organizations? Now that sounds odd but neat at the same time. And yes, there are charities that do support other charities.

Why do they do it? For some reasons, both private and public donations are not enough. There are charities who are in need of more funds to support certain programs. This problem is compounded with more problems due to a decline in corporate support and conductance from donors to donate due to present economic conditions. Charities came up then with helping other charities. Practically, it is one of the more sensible solutions.

Charities must adapt with the modern world and current economic condition. They need more contributions to support the growing number of donors. Here, charities need to improve their offer. Lets face the fact that despite people deep down inside want to help others, donating to charity is not so much a particularly pleasant experience especially when there is a need for belt-tightening.

With Charities stepping in and helping other charities, a more cohesive relationship is formed between them. The public sector is also moved to help since they see this charity alliance call for more support. A more efficient symbiosis is created, mutualism is produced.

We should help support these charities because they help a lot of causes. What we can do is donate in cash or in kind like if you have used furniture that you no longer need or used car that you want to donate. This charities accept almost everything that can still be of use.

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