5 Top LinkedIn Training Tips

Looking to enrol onto a LinkedIn training course? If you're still unsure about the power of LinkedIn, here are five top tips you can start using today to start generating increased revenue for your company.

Invite Your Existing Contacts

The first place to start is to build your follower count by inviting existing email contacts. This is important as the more first degree connections you have, the more visible your profile is in search results and the more people you will reach. Invite everyone you know professionally and privately, as these connections are essential to generate referrals and attract an audience. LinkedIn training can also help you learn how you can grow your audience among people you do not yet know in real life.

Learn How To Use Search

The search function that comes free is very powerful, but there is an even more powerful advanced search available to premium members who are willing to pay a small monthly subscription. A LinkedIn training course can help you decide whether to go for a free or paid account, however we'll go over some of the basics here.

Simply put, the difference between free and paid is the amount of filters available to you. Free accounts do have a wide range of filtering options, however paid accounts get much more. You can filter by company size, revenue, job role and seniority. This makes LinkedIn a very powerful tool when it comes to prospecting for new clients.

Start Networking

Networking is one of the most important uses of this social platform. As most LinkedIn training mentors say, it's important to interact with your contacts on a weekly basis in order to build your relationships with others. This can lead to referrals, recommendations and ultimately, more sales. Try to stay up to date with the news in your industry and post this to others who you think this will be relevant to. That way, people see you as an expert and knowledgeable person, which is a perfect way of generating referrals.

Build Buzz About Yourself

The next most important thing is to build buzz about yourself. Be sure to post at least one update per day to your first degree connections. Joining several groups is also a great idea as you can engage with people outside of your first degree connections. Make sure you deliver value in both groups and to your followers as you need to be seen as an expert in your field. This way, people will refer their friends to you for help on your subject, leading to more clients.

Know Your Competition

Finally, one of the best features of LinkedIn is that you can follow your competition. Thanks to LinkedIn company pages, you can follow rival businesses and see what their next marketing and sales push is by tracking their activity. LinkedIn training experts suggest following other competitors from further afield too, not just local ones, as it's a good idea to see what some of the other industry leaders are doing to generate business.

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